Your An Inch Away From Love

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Song Background

Do you ever get overly self critical? I certainly have. Let me ask you this: If a 5 year old child walked up to you and was upset would you tell them it is all their fault and that they’re bad person?

Many of us succumb to the voices that say we’re undeserving. It’s a framework we often develop as children that can govern the way we live as adults. This innocent defense mechanism may have seemed to keep us safe in childhood but may not serve us in adulthood.

So what can we do? My solution in my own life is not trying to ignore these voices or feeling bad for having them. I listen to them, I challenge them and redirect them. Awareness breaks the habit. Setting a new intention is next because it is the foundation to create a better framework for yourself. I’m not perfect at it by any means. But I do try to make it a daily practice.

“Inch Away” is on my 3rd solo release ‘Shadows’

The Video

For the lyric video I used some footage from a Stand Up Paddle Boarding trip I took while living in Sagres Portugal with another friend of mine’s company ‘Coastline Algarve’. I also used video from Aquariums in both Berlin & Lisbon. The music against the picture seemed to create a vibe so I decided to created a 15 second clip to promote the song. It was received really well so I decided to turn it into an entire video. I think the result is really unique and interesting for a lyric video, something that could only come about spontaneously…my favorite way to make art.

Scroll Through To See What People Are Saying…

“Inch Away” is a favorite of mine and the video seems to be touching a lot of people. I wrote the lyrics as a gift to inspire a friend who was holding herself back from being the amazing person she was. I hope it does the same for you….

Bring Your Truth

So today I invite you to move past the place of self criticism into your true self. What is the vision of yourself that you’d love to bring into the world? Or maybe you’re already doing it?  Again this is a brand new page so feel free to be one of the first to leave a comment below…

Thanks for Watching!
-John Zay

  • I appreciated the Song and the video with many images of sea. I need to find myself,my place in the world,i wanted be loved but the Life often changes my planners…

    • Grazie Romina. Yes life often has a flow of it’s own like water. I guess we need to trust where the tide will take us…

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