Worlds Apart (single)

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Song Background

I was 19 years old leaving New York for my second year of college. One of my best friends from High School came by my house to say goodbye but I was already on a plane. A few days later he was killed by a drunk driver in a terrible car crash. I missed the funeral. I was on the other side of the country. My parents told me how somber it was. He was one of those guys that just had a good heart with lots of integrity. I spent time with his family when I came back. They couldn’t take it and eventually moved away. No one knew where they were for years.

Fast forward years later and I get a message on Facebook. It’s his mom. We connect and I’m relieved the mystery is solved. After returning from Europe my wife and I go down to south Florida to visit them. Our van breaks down, she gets a job and we wind up staying for a year. It was nice to be around them. We shared memories, laughs and some tears. I wrote the song to reflect how our interactions turned out to be healing for all of us.

Grief is a process that can’t be ignored…

Being with his family reminded me how so many of us get caught in our past, defined by our trauma, unable to be fully present. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting. But there comes a point when the past can rule our present because we are unable to face the pain. 'Worlds Apart' is a call for healing, to breathe. It’s a mellow and uplifting song that I hope brings some inspiration to you, especially if you’ve lost someone or something you hold dear.

The Video

Angelina (pictured up top) and I decided on a whim to shoot a video for 'Worlds Apart' when we visited White Sands National Park. It wound up being a great location to convey the feeling of the song. With a basic camera and a lot of imagination it we made a fun and sometimes quirky video. You can watch it below:

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What About You?

So have you ever been caught up in the past so much that it rattled your faith? Did you wind up finding a way out of it??
Feel free to leave a comment below…

Thanks for listening!
John Zay

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